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At Harleston Information Plus we aim to deliver high standards in everything we do. We take all concerns and complaints seriously as they provide us with opportunities to improve and maintain the high standards we strive to achieve. 

We recognise that we sometimes get things wrong. Your feedback will help us to resolve mistakes faster and learn how we can do things better to improve quality and customer satisfaction. 

Of course we welcome your compliments and other comments too!  They encourage good practice and it’s great for our staff to receive praise for doing a good job.



It is always nice to get positive feedback from a satisfied customer. If you would like to compliment HIP on our services, we suggest you compliment in person, or write to the member of staff or volunteer concerned. Alternatively if you would like to bring this to the attention of the Harleston Information Plus Management Board contact:

Sally Davies, Centre Administrator

Harleston Information Plus

8 Exchange Street, 


IP20 9AB



Whilst we appreciate it is not easy to make a complaint, we will always do our best to put things right where we can. We would rather that you told us of any problems you encounter than feel that you have not had a good service. 

Please follow the procedure below, it is in place to ensure that you have several opportunities to put your point across and to be heard fairly. 

Making a complaint

Initially you should talk to the member of staff who has been working with you. Tell them why you wish to complain and how you would like things to change.

We would hope that you can talk through and resolve any situation with this member of staff so that no formal action is needed. However, if a formal complaint becomes necessary Harleston has policies and procedures in place to ensure that the complaint is considered in a fair, equal and honest way.

If you are not happy with the response you got from your initial complaint you can ask to speak to the Community Support Manager who has responsibility for all HIP services. You can alternatively put your issues in a letter or email. The Manager will respond to you within 14 days. They will investigate the concern and may meet with you to discuss it further before making a decision.


Harleston Information Plus

8 Exchange Street 


IP20 9AB

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